About Our Club

At Tennessee Select Soccer Academy, players learn and develop to their full potential through game-like experiences in an enjoyable environment which supports individual growth.  The aim of the Academy is to create a learning environment which enables players to develop their individual skills and techniques to the highest possible standards.  This will prepare them for the physical, mental, and emotional complexities of the modern game.

The Academy takes a holistic view of development of the individual.  Equal emphasis will be put on the following areas:

  1. Technical Skill Development
  2. Tactical Awareness
  3. Physical Development
  4. Psychological Development
  5. Social Development

The Academy is a forward thinking and dynamic organization that aspires to excellence in all we do.  We are dedicated and wholly committed to the total development of every player in every way so that they leave Tennessee Select Soccer Academy an excellent soccer player, excellent person and a credit to the community in which they live and work.

Why TN Select Soccer Academy!

Vision:  To create a leading, sustainable, elite development program, that inspires every player to achieve their individual potential, by growing a culture around them of hard work., performance, honesty, and humility. To build an innovative academy that delivers life enhancing experiences and success for every individual.

“player experiences that meet player needs result in player development.”